European racer support for 2024 Snowcross season

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for welcoming me here this past winter for my first season racing in Scandinavia. This past winter was extremely fun on and off the track, and I have all of you to thank for that.
Most of you have met me or at least heard of me, my name is Bruce Gaspardi Jr. I learned a lot about how snowcross racing works over here and how dedicated those of you who race are to the sport. One of the many lessons I learned is not only how much more expensive it is to race in Scandinavia, but also how litle sponsor support there is for most racers.

This is my first step to help alter that. I have created a sponsorship program with some of the pillar companies in the snowcross racing for this coming season. All racers in Europe are eligible for some level of discount and support, regardless of the racer’s age, what class they participate in, or what brand of snowmobile they race. If you are a racer in Europe, you are welcome to this program.
Currently C&A Pro Skis, Rox Speed Fx, Woody’s Traction & Control, and 139 Designs have signed up for this program, and there are a couple more in the works. All you must do as a racer or parent of a racer is go to and click on Racer Support. From there, fill out the form and click the submit buton.
You’ll receive an email from me within 48 hours after you’ve submited the form with your discount levels and further information and instructions.
The goal is to have all the products shipped over here at one time and be here by early October. For that reason, I ask that all interested racers fill out the form by 21 July. There is no commitment or cost in filling out the form, so all racers in Europe are encouraged to do so. If you have any questions, you can email me at or on my personal Facebook messenger.

Thank you all again, I’m looking forward to helping all of you anyway that I can and seeing you again this coming season!

Bruce Gaspardi Jr.