Finnish Championship of Stadium Snowcross + International Bothnia Cup 2019!
International Bothnia Cup will be organized in Oulu, Finland as a one
weekend ISOC-style Stadium Snowcross -miniserie.
International Bothnia Cup consist of three different races during two days.
Finnish championship of Stadium Snowcross will be at friday 22.2.2019 at 6
pm. That race is also the first race (Race 1) of International Bothnia Cup
Race 2 of International Bothnia Cup will be the (head
to head) at Saturday 23.2. at 2 pm.
At Saturday 23.2. at 6 pm will be the main race (Race 3) of the weekend; The
Super Snocross.
All heats will be counted
Race 1 and Race 3 of International Bothnia Cup will be organized at the
similar way (12 heats, Last Chance and the Final). All riders will have
three heats and riders will get Bothnia Cup points from these heats too,
just like in ISOC-serie.
That means there will be no any unnecessary heats.
All three finalist in Race 2 Dominator will get also Bothnia Cup
The climax of the International Bothnia Cup serie is the Final of Race 3,
The Super Snocross. Riders will get double points from this last Final.
The winner of International Bothnia Cup is rider who will collect the most
points. If there will be equal points, the ranking in the race 3 will be
The maximum points in Btohnia Cup will be 150 points. The points table
Worth of awards in Bothnia Cup will be more than 10.000 euros.
Other national classes
There will be organized races to all other national classes at Friday 22.2
starting at 11 am. Classes will be; Pro Lite, Beginners class, Vet-class,
Ladies-class, Junior 14-16, Junior 11-14 and Junior 7-11.
There might be a limitations to some classes. We try to open registering
beginning of December.

We will share more accurate information for riders in our website. We hope
that all riders who will come to Oulu will log in for better information.